The Ultimate hydraulic portable manlift/hunting stand.
From 80 mph down the interstate to moving it by hand or with
your ATV its the most versatile lift on the market.

New 2018 Beanstalker® has arrived, now with a staircase.

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HUNTING If you are looking for the next big thing in hunting technologies, this is it! The Beanstalker is the most versatile, portable, hydraulic deerstand around. Consider this a portable, hydraulic elevator that can be used for hunting or used to safely build and/or repair your permanent deerstands. As any avid hunter knows, game do not choose the same trails or feeding grounds from day to day or even year to year. The Beanstalker gives you the mobility that you need to bag the big game.

Now New Height Technology introduces the Beanstalker III and IV. These portable hydraulic deerstands are the ultimate handicap accessible stands. With the Beanstalker III and IV now the physically challenged will be able to get into the deepwoods instead of staying on the edge of the field. The Beanstalker III and IV will also travel 80 mph down the highway or can be moved by hand or with ATV.

Various Uses

With the capability of lifting 4000 lbs this portable hydraulic manlift or elevator can be used for hundreds of applications. From cleaning out your gutters, washing windows to lifting shingles on your roof this portable manlift can be your best friend. The Beanstalker is the lightest weight and most portable unit existing. The Beanstalker is a proven safe lift where any ladder can be used. New Height Technology also offers stationary hydraulic elevators.


When I was asked to help find a Golf Ball and some cable clamps, I immediately asked, "What in the heck are we doing."  The response was we are going to use them to skin the deer with the stand.  I was very hesitant with Larry’s plan, however much to my surprise this was the quickest way to skin a deer that I have ever done or witnessed.  It was AWESOME!
                 ~RYAN JORDAHL


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