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Dan Halbur

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Letter from the Founder:

I have come from many generations of hunters.  I take hunting very seriously and the best thing is, I LOVE to hunt.  In my hunting experiences one thing that always came to mind after a few days of hunting was, boy it would be nice to be right over there.  This would happen because we got snow, some of the field had just been harvested or the weather has changed, which has caused the animals to change their pattern slightly.  Well that’s when my father and I came up with the idea to manufacture a very practical, but yet portable and user friendly stand.  We wanted to be able to adjust to the environment that we are in, for example in some lower brush you want to be at a particular height or if you are in some taller pines then you want to be up in the air quite high. “How do you do this?”  Well we came up with the answer.  The BEANSTALKER!  This unit can be towed hundreds of miles behind your vehicle and when you get to your hunting area you can tow it behind your ATV to the perfect spot. You can literally be set up and ready to hunt in a matter of minutes.  On top of that, we have come up with some options to put the package together to make it a very practical unit.  We have a camouflage tent for cover, a tool box that can be locked to store your heavy clothes when you go for a walk or your guns for transport, and what I think is the best option is a big game skinner.  This unit has the power so let’s use it.  You hang your game up by the hind legs, start the skinning process and then hook up the cable, raise your unit up and the hide comes right off.  All in all, I have taken what I love to do and made something that I honestly believe can be your last hunting stand ever.  Put your ATV in the truck bed and the stand on your hitch and away you go.  Otherwise put those both on a trailer and you are off.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention some other uses like washing windows, trimming trees, lifting your shingle bundles to the roof, hanging Christmas tree lights, changing light bulbs in high ceilings and the list goes on and on!!!  Happy hunting and lifting.

Larry Schultz
New Height Technology