The Ultimate Hydraulic Portable Man-Lift/Deer Stand

If you are looking for the next big thing in hunting technology, You found it! Our lifts can be used as a portable stand to hunt from different spots. It can also be a lift to fix your permanent stand or trim trees around your stand. This lift gives you the ability to follow the game you hunt.

Hunting 4

Wether it’s cleaning windows and gutters, lifting shingles and tools up to the roof, trimming trees, or hanging Christmas lights. The New Height Technology team is here to make any application possible. This lift can be your best friend. New Height Technology also offers stationary elevators.

At New Height Technology we believe that everyone should be able to get out in the woods and enjoy hunting instead of watching. We designed the Beanstalker III and IV so that hunting is always available no matter the circumstances. The New Height Technology team is always happy to help. Check Out The Beanstalkers III and IV in the Models Tab!

Beanstalker III

Beanstalker I

From 80 MPH down the Interstate to moving it by hand or with an ATV. New Height Technology has the most versatile lift on the market and it has endless applications.

Game Stalker_In Air (Edited)
DSC_2912 - GameStalker_Tow Behind_Side (Edited)

New Height Technology is excited to announce that we are now partnering with Minnesota Outdoor Products. Our goal is to provide The Ultimate Hunting Experience. Check Out The Gamestalker On The Models Tab!

About New Height Technology

Our goal is to provide safe quality lifts for any lifestyle situation. New Height Technology is based in Alexandria, Minnesota and specializes in hydraulic man-lifts for a variety of purposes. Having a father that loved hunting but couldn’t get into his stand anymore Larry designed the Beanstalker. New Height Technology was found in 2006 by Larry and Darrell Schultz.

Be The First In Your Neck Of The Woods To Own One!