Weight   1164 LBS  
  Wheel width in   4' 8"  
  Wheel width out   7' 1"  
  Platform height down   5' 0"  
  Platform height up   12' 0"  
  Railing height   2' 9"  
  Stand Length   118"  
  Ball size for transport   2"  
  Power for hydraulic unit   12VDC  
  Hydraulic oil   ATF FLUID  

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Question: How stable is this stand?

b. Answer: With the new Anti-Rotation system that has been developed the Beanstalker Man-lift is very stable. The largest majority of movement is now from the air filled tires acting as cushions. Other than that this lift is very stable

c. Question: How long does it take to set it up?

d. Answer: To set up the stand only, it will literally take only approximately 3 minutes. If one of the tents need to be assembled over the basket on the lift, in total for the lift and the tent roughly 5 minutes. It is all very simple and is a one man task.

e. Question: How towable is this lift?

f. Answer: We have logged several thousand miles with these Beanstalker Man Lifts on the highway using light duty trucks. In the woods most any 4-wheeler will pull these units with ease.

g. Question: How tall does this unit stand from the ground?

h. Answer: From the ground to the top of the Anti-Rotation system, which is the highest point is 102 inches